KG Professional – Beauty Training


Welcome to KG Professional, the premier eyelash brand for professionals, aspiring lash and brow artists alike. Our story begins with our visionary founder, Katie Godfrey, whose passion for the beauty industry and dedication to making a positive impact in people’s business laid the foundation for this exceptional brand.

Katie’s journey started with opening her salon over 15 years ago. Becoming an award winning lash artist over 13 years ago, inspired her to create products that other lash artists and salons would love and training that was second to none with in-depth learning and lifetime support.

At KG Professional, we understand that the quality of products you use, create the happiness of a long-term client and bring luxury to your business. Guided by Katie’s vision, we meticulously designed a collection of lash and brow products, including a retail range that cater to your business to get clients returning again and again.

Beyond being a beauty entrepreneur, Katie is a strong advocate for women’s empowerment and helping women build the businesses they dream of. Even after a lash course with KG Professional there is support to help you with your new lash business or salon with business courses for all our students.

Wether you are new to business, experienced or just want to set up a side hustle around your day job or children. KG Professional can help you.