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After speaking to so many lash artists, beauty therapist and salon owners I heard how many of them have a goal to set up their own training academies or just want to be able to train their teams easily in house.

Here’s what they said was STOPPING them from reaching their goal:

“I have no idea where to start”

“I don’t have the time to write manuals”

“The process seems complicated, I wish it could all be done for me!”

So I wanted to help! I want everyone to achieve their goals with ease BUT at a high standard. When you start offering training courses you know exactly what you’re doing. From what you need to send out to your students beforehand and beyond to ensure your students receive the BEST training.

Knowing what to put in a manual can be overwhelming and a lot of work. Not something we can easily put together when we are busy working on clients all day. I have taken that worry anyway from you.  


There are TWO options to be able to start your OWN training academy:



You can either purchase the manuals which are available for Classic and Russian Volume Lashes. As well as,  Lash Lift and Brow Lamination courses. Use and edit as you wish, or don’t change them at all.

Or you can start your own Lash Academy using our complete business in a box. Everything included that we use from manuals, our online courses that the student takes before they enter your academy, student exam/workbook, confirmation e-mails and follow up emails. All you need to do is show up and teach! It’s that easy. 

When you set up a training academy you need to get your courses accredited. By using this system Professional Beauty and ABT have come on board to fast track your accreditation. They can only do this if you DO NOT edit the manuals in anyway. 

Please make sure you have your AET qualification before you start teaching. This is a must to be able to hold training courses. You can look into that here.

I cannot wait to help you on this exciting journey of your career. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Katie Godfrey (Director of KG Professional) 

Will this mean I am a KG Professional Trainer

No, you will be a trainer for your own business. You are just using our services to make it easier when creating your own training courses. It will help you using the KG Professional name if you wanted to, to create more bookings. 

Do I need to get accredited still?

Yes, all training companies need to have accreditation for your students to be able to gain a recognised certificate and to be able to gain insurance. 

If you use our training manuals and DON'T edit them, you will be fast tracked accredited by Professional Beauty and ABT. 

If you edit the manuals they will need to go through the whole accreditation process.

Can I edit the manuals

Yes you can edit the manuals. They are downloadable in a PDF format but you can copy and type out what you wish and use these manuals as a guideline if you wanted to completely rebrand.

You can also keep them exactly the same if you wish and also use the KG Professional benefits as added extras for your students. 

Do I need any qualifications?

To be able to teach and hold insurance to do so, you need the AET qualification. We offer this course to be able to take in a week or a month. Please see here for more information. 



Is it a online course for business in a box?

You still need to offer in-house training for the eyelash courses. But there is an online element that has all the theory online to save you doing it with the student on the day. There is also step by step videos of the manual and close up professional videos of applications.

Your student can complete a bookwork after doing this part of the course so you know they have understood everything before going onto the live model with you.

The student will always have access to this online training to refer back to.

This online part of the course is a huge added extra for your training courses that no one else offers.  

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